Here are just a few of the encouraging comments that we have received from students of the Bangkok Photo School:

“I found it all instructive and inspirational.”

“I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.”

“I finally feel that I am grasping the concept of through the “photographer’s eye” and adapting my view towards this. You did a great job. Well done.”

“I truly learned so much and I am more comfortable than ever using my camera. You are an inspiration.”

“You have turned me into a thinking photographer. It has really helped me improve my photos. I have loved the ten weeks and will miss Monday nights. You both created a really friendly atmosphere to learn in and were very approachable… I have learned so much and would certainly recommend the course to others. It was a great ten weeks!”

“You made us all feel welcome and you have very clear and visual ways of explaining things. Fantastic field-trip. Even though we were in a group, I had enough one-to-one time with Jackie and Gavin. Great location. You obviously know it well.”

“I loved the field-trip, the advice was friendly and supportive without being in the least bit superior. I feel that I know my camera so much better and I am trying out new ideas every weekend. I felt entirely comfortable asking questions and making comments. All sessions were excellent. I would be happy to recommend this course to others, let me know when you are planning another.”

“An excellent field-trip, a great experience and a great location.”

“Excellent course! Good balance of theory and exercises. Surely has increased my ability to take better pictures. Has given me an eye to spot good photo compositions.”

“I enjoyed the course a lot and really like your approach. I am happy to know, finally, what my camera can do.”

“The complete series was successful in demystifying those knobs, buttons and settings on my camera. I definitely have a new set of skills”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned some new techniques which have improved my photography. I look forward to future courses and will definitely recommend the course to others.”