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Last month Jack wrote about shooting during the blue half hour before the sun, and most sane people, are up. Jack’s photo of the novice monks is a perfect example of the color that photographers often seek out at the ends of the day.

For those of you out there that can’t fathom waking up before dawn, try shooting during the evening twilight. The picture of the Seattle skyline above was taken 40 minutes after the sun went down. When I took this there just happened to be a couple other photographers in the same spot also shooting. Soon after the sun was down they packed up their gear and headed home. I’m sure they got some good sunset shots, but I was looking for the nice contrast of the deep blue twilight sky and the warm tones of the city lights. Standing around in the windy cold was well worth the wait.

Twilight is broken up into three different phases (civil, nautical and astronomical) which last for varying times depending on time of year and also distance from the equator. There are plenty of websites and apps out there to help you find the times of sunrise and sunset and also when the different phases of twilight begin and end; next week I’ll highlight my favorite.