JJ Michael

JJ Michael

JJ Michael is one of those rare photographers who can successfully combine his creative aspirations with a mastery of the technical aspects of photography. When you realise that JJ also teaches High School mathematics, it becomes clear… teaching algebra and geometry to teenagers all day gives JJ the technical skills to answer the questions posed by even the most demanding photographer. Ask JJ what the “Hyperfocal Distance” is for your new lens and he’ll whip out a slide-rule and quote you the formula.

However, somewhat uniquely, JJ combines his technical mastery with a creative ability that offers proof that his right and left brain hemispheres are working in perfect harmony. His first experience of photography came in a High School darkroom, where he began printing black and white images and inhaling rather too many chemical fixing fumes. He continues to shoot black and white and his portfolio contains a diverse collection of images from around South East Asia.

JJ has lived in Thailand for thirteen years and continues to enjoy the daily challenge of motivating teenagers – so much so that he also runs the after-school photography club. He is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher who relishes a challenge.

JJ leads our Beginner’s classes, which include an on-location field-trip, as well as private workshops around Bangkok.

See more of JJ’s work on his website at www.jjmichaelphotography.com.