Jack Kurtz

Jack-KurtzJack Kurtz is a seasoned photojournalist with more than thirty years experience covering stories for national and international publications.

Jack doesn’t only photograph the stories he covers, he invests time researching and writing about them, believing that only an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the context of a story can yield memorable, relevant images.

Now based in Bangkok, Jack has covered stories across South East Asia, including recent political and social developments in Burma, the Muslim insurgency in southern Thailand and one of his images of the Thai political struggle was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. There are few photojournalists working in Asia today with more experience.

Many of Jack’s projects are self-assigned, which provides him with the time required to create a comprehensive view of a story. Jack is represented by Zuma Press and Wonderful Machine and he is an unapologetic lover of traditional Thai Morlam music.

Jack teaches students how to create their own engaging photo essays in our “Reportage” classes and is sometimes available for private, small group workshops.

You can see more of Jack’s work on his web site.