Gavin Gough

Gavin Gough

Gavin Gough is a travel and editorial photographer based in Bangkok. His colourful, vibrant images have won numerous awards, including the 2013 Travel Photographer of the Year “Vanishing and Emerging Cultures” portfolio category and have been featured in publications around the world; including the New York Times, National Geographic Traveller, Geo, Guardian, Sunday Times, Lonely Planet and have appeared on everything from postage stamps to book covers and billboards.

Having photographed in over 50 countries, Gavin’s portfolio includes some of the world’s most evocative festivals and far-flung destinations. From the deserts of northern India to the icy Mongolian Steppe, Gavin’s intimate style has become a favourite with magazine editors around the world.

In Gavin’s workshops, students are likely to hear his oft-quoted mantra: “If photography is about communicating an experience (and it is), then you need to have the experience first”. He believes that good photography is rarely dependent on camera gear but mostly about patience and a willingness to embrace experiences with a child-like sense of wonder. Gavin’s obsession with fine tea and the BBC radio show, “The Archers” does much to reinforce the stereotype of Englishness that he aspires to.

Gavin teaches our “Street & Travel Photography” workshops and is occasionally available for private, one-to-one workshops in Bangkok.

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