The Taste of Home – by JJ Michael

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Dick's Drive In

After living in Thailand for ten years it’s obvious I love living here, but I definitely miss the comforts of home. Growing up in Seattle, one of those comforts is Dick’s Drive-In. Every time I make a trip home I always make sure to visit Dick’s for a Dick’s Deluxe, french fries, and a chocolate milkshake. Since 1954 Dick’s Drive-In has been a Seattle institution with a consistent, simple menu: hamburger, cheeseburger, Dick’s Special, Dick’s Deluxe, french fries, and milkshakes. Not only are the burgers and fries delicious, eating at Dick’s makes me feel right at home and is a very nostalgic experience.

These past ten years in Thailand have given me access to stunning landscapes and fascinating cultures you don’t see in the U.S., but some of my favorite photographs from that time have come from my trips back home. On each trip home I always try to find some time to go out shooting and use my camera to explore and rediscover the city I grew up in.

Photographs are meant to tell a story and convey emotions, and an effective way to do this is to tell stories that are meaningful to you. Visit the places you know from your youth and capture what makes those places memorable, or photograph a part of your hometown that is unique and makes it special. The image above probably doesn’t mean much to many readers of this blog. However, most people from Seattle will look at this photo and remember special times at Dick’s with family and friends.